søndag 5. august 2012


Carole is this weeks host at the drawing challenge, and kindly invited me to partisipate. Instead of drawing, I use my camera. For other crows, look here:

During the week end I wanted to take photos of wild crows at our country house, but when I came to think about it, I have never, ever spottet a crow there. As I sat thinking about it, I heard those strange crowing sounds from our hoarding room. You know the room where you put all the things that you do not have the heart to throw away, cause it can be useful some day, and if not in this life, may be if there is an after life? Well, I heard those rusty, crowinglike sounds from downstairs, and there I found Svartlars. That is Black Lars, our very own crow. It, oh dear, he, was once a very cherished member of our family, and now he is almost forgotten, discarded, dusting away on a shelf together with debris from our last 25 years. Poor Svartlars. When I finally went down to him, and asked him whether he wanted to go away with us for the weekend, he was crowing with utter pleasure. Sure he would! And whether he wanted to be taken for a photoshoot? Kra-kra! He was over the hills, hilarious, rather.

Well off we went, and here you can see the results of our phfotoshoot. When it came the real thing, he was rather scared. It was so many years since  last time he breathed fresh air, it was eh, breathtaking for him. And when it came to sit in trees, looking free as the bird, (ehhmm), it rather scared his wits out. But look for yourself, I think he did rather well. I told him he was a good boy.

Our Steiffcrow wanted to sing along too

The barn

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  1. Hi Lise, this is definitely the funniest crow here in our round!
    xo Barbara

  2. He does look like a good boy indeed Lise!

    Godt å "se" deg ( and the Crow!) igjen ; )

  3. hee hee, you're too funny. svartlars hasn't lost any of his plumes, and neither has his master, methinks...! ;))

  4. Hei Lise! Fine bilder :) Jeg tenkte på deg da vi kjørte forbi Meråker forleden dag. Ja nå er jeg tilbake på Lillehammer igjen etter å ha kjørt en omvei innom Sverige :) Nå skal jeg være mamma og gartner her i noen dager før jeg igjen kjører til Trøndelag. Slik planen er pr i dag reiser jeg nordover neste torsdag og returnerer tirsdag den 14. Jeg skal innom Ikea enten på vei oppover eller nedover og på ¨vei nedover har jeg mest sannsynlig med meg en niese. Om det passer? og om du har lyst kunne vi kanskje drikke kaffe sammen på torsdag ettermiddag eller evt. tirsdag den 14?

  5. Why not hire him as a scarecrow to keep the sheep / bears / berrypickers / unwanted guests away? Vey nice crow, the camera loves him. Marvin says hello :-)

  6. This is hilarous, Lise! I love it! Black Lars very photogenic! I'm so glad you joined our fun challenge. xo Carole

  7. haha, I love your idea for the crow-theme! so funny! and at the same time beautiful pictures. And thank you so much for your comment on my blog and tell me more about the norwegian crows!

  8. i love it when a drawing challenge brings out an unexpected and funny kra-kra, hihi, x

  9. Svartlars is probably in shock breathing in actual fresh air, bless him. Well once he regained himself he does look quite at home there in that beautiful spot in this world of ours. That barn with the rock bottom stuns me at its' beautiful function. It is art and function at its' best I feel. Gosh that is a nice spot and those trees. Oh those trees! Lovely. I enjoyed this whole post Lise; it is so funny and fun and well thought out. A photoshoot. Very very clever! Love it! *smiles* Norma

  10. Hei Lise!
    Tilbake fra en deilig bloggfri ferie. På Lillehammer traff jeg tilfeldigvis Hilde som du gikk på folkehøyskole sammen med. Det er ikke så ofte vi treffes, så det var koselig å ta en kopp kaffe og en prat sammen.
    Håper du har hatt en deilig sommer.
    Klem Jorun

  11. Hee hee hee
    Svartlars is very funny he has that look to him a bit like Ozzie Ostrich an Aussie tv fav http://snarkerati.com/tv-news/who-will-be-in-hey-hey-its-saturday/

    He looks please to be taking a break from the dusty shelf

    Love this post Lise!

    Helen :)

  12. Godt han fikk luftet seg litt den godeste SvartLars.
    Ser ut som han trives.
    Ha en flott søndag:-)


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